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India-China Relationship: Between Geostrategic Rivalry and Economic Competition 

使用言語:英語 (通訳なし)
日時: 2023年04月20日(木) 18:00〜20:00
場所: 601号室
講演者: Jean-François HUCHET (Inalco)

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Without ignoring the existence of multiple cooperation channels, or seeking to minimise the importance of considerable achievements realised in three decades of cooperation by the two governments towards normalising their relations, the relations between the two Asian giants remain hamstrung by a series of geostrategic and economic rivalries. Despite fast growth in trade and in specific areas of economic cooperation, Beijing-New Delhi ties do not yet amount to a veritable strategic partnership that has been announced on both sides of the Himalayas on many occasions. The Indo-Pacific strategy pursued by many countries in the region (with different meanings and objectives depending on the country) also contributes to hampering cooperation between China and India.

Moderator: Bernard THOMANN (FRIJ-MFJ

Organization: FRIJ-MFJ

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