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The COVID-19 Outbreak and Public Health Issues: an Interdisciplinary Approach

使用言語:英語 (通訳なし)
日時: 2020年12月16日(水) 16:00–19:00
場所: Online
講演者: Sophie BUHNIK, Tamara GILES-VERNICK, Shigeru HIROTA, Guillaume LADMIRAL, Fumihiko MATSUDA, Richard PAUL, Adrienne SALA, Remi SCOCCIMARRO, Olivier TELLE, Makoto YANO

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The COVID-19 Outbreak has been an immense challenge for life sciences for almost a year. But it also puts societies around the world to the test and obliges states and international organizations to take measures of a biopolitical nature. Because this crisis questions us about the relationship of our societies to the living and to "nature", about the scientific and social character of our modernity, understanding its stakes in all their magnitude requires an interdisciplinary approach. This workshop will cover various national fields. It will present the issues at stake in current research conducted by the organizers of this workshop in fields as diverse as genetics, epidemiology, economics, geography, and political science, but all of which are aimed at understanding the deep-seated forces behind the pandemic and its consequences and exploring ways to emerge from it.


Moderators: Anavaj SAKUNTABHAI (Pasteur Institute), Bernard THOMANN (FRIJ-MFJ)

Presentation of the workshop by Anavaj SAKUNTABHAI (Pasteur Institute), Bernard THOMANN (FRIJ-MFJ)

Makoto YANO (Rieti), "COVID-19 Pandemic and Politics: The Case of Florida and Ohio"


Richard PAUL, Olivier TELLE (Pasteur Institute), "Mobility in the time of COVID: what impact on the spread of disease"


Adrienne SALA (FRIJ-MFJ), Rémi SCOCCIMARRO (Toulouse University-FRIJ-MFJ), "Mapping COVID-19 in Japan and Greater Tokyo area, socio-spatial and political analysis of the epidemic"


Sophie BUHNIK (FRIJ-MFJ), "The influence of civic hacking on the development of anti-COVID apps in Japan"


General discussion

Organization: FRIJ-MFJ, Pasteur Institute, RIETI
Support: Kyoto University

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