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mercredi 11 octobre 2023

Sustain Asia. International Conference on (Un)Sustainable Growth and Environment in Asian Territories (Day 2)

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mercredi 11 octobre 2023 / 8:30 - 16:30
Room 601

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October 11th, 2023 (Wednesday)
Day 2: Sustainable Issues in Asian Territories

Venue: room 601


8:00-8:30 am - Meet & Greet


8:30-10:15 pm - Session 4: Cross-Sectoral Interactions for the Management of Environmental Resources: from Predatory to Enabling Schemes


  • Gabriel FACAL, Deputy Director, UMIFRE IRASEC (Bangkok, Thailand) - Cross Sectoral Dialogue as Condition for Popular Sovereignty? Successes and Obstacles in the Kanekes Indonesian Indigenous Society
  • Ratih Madya SEPTIANA, Lecturer, Gadjah Mada University (Jogjakarta, Indonesia) - Social Forestry in Indonesia: Opening the Community Forest Access and Management
  • Takahiro FUJIWARA, Associate Professor, Kyushu University (Fukuoka, Japan) - Implications of Japan's Forest Management for Social Forestry in Tropical Countries
  • Hermine XHAUFLAIR, Associate Professor, University of the Philippines Diliman (Manila, Philippines) - Archaeology as a Tool to Explore the Sustainability of Forest Exploitation Practices

Moderator: Dianto BACHRIADI, Professor, Research Institute for Humanity and Nature (Kyoto, Japan)


10:15-10:45 am: Coffee Break


10:45-12:30 pm - Session 5: Infectious Diseases in the Anthropocene


  • KASUGA Fumiko, Professor, University of Nagasaki (Nagasaki, Japan) - Planetary Health. Holistic Views on Global Environment and Health
  • Vanina GUERNIER, Senior Researcher, IRD (Bangkok, Thailand) - Eco-Epidemiology of Bacterial Diseases in a One Health Perspective
  • MATSUNO Keita, Professor, Hokkaido University (Sapporo, Japan) - Ticks and Tick-borne Infections Re-emergence in Asia
  • Bertrand LEFEBVRE, Researcher, IFP (Pondicherry, India) - Modelling Arboviral Outbreaks for Prevention in Thailand

Moderator: KASUGA Fumiko, Professor, University of Nagasaki (Nagasaki, Japan)


12:30-14:00 pm: Lunch Break 


14:00-15:45 pm - Session 6: Governing Air Quality in Asia


  • Olivier EVRARD, Senior Researcher, IRD PALOC (Bangkok, Thailand) - From "Smoky Season" to "Haze Crisis": Narratives of Seasonal Air Pollution in Northern Thailand
  • Sarath GUTTIKUNDA, Director, Urban Emissions (Goa, India) - Air Quality Surveillance and Monitoring in India
  • Do VAN NGYUET, Director, Live and Learn for Environment and Community of Hanoi (Hanoi, Vietnam) - Collective Actions for Clean Air in Hanoi
  • Bertrand LEFEBVRE, Researcher, IFP (Pondicherry, India) - Governing Air Quality in Indian Cities: Perspectives from Hyderabad and Pune

Moderator: Rémi DE BERCEGOL, Researcher, IFP PRODIG (Pondicherry, India)


15:45-16:30 pm - Session 7: Discussion and Perspectives About the Sustain Asia Program

Moderator: Blandine RIPERT, Director, French Institute of Pondicherry (Pondicherry, India)



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