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The Complementary and Alternative
Roles of Expatriates and Flexpatriates:
A Qualitative Study of 47 French MNCs in Asia

[ 研究セミナー ]

使用言語:英語 (通訳なし)
日時: 2014年05月29日(木) 12:30 - 14:00
場所: 601号室
The development of high-speed, global travel and the concomitant spread of information and communication technologies have considerably changed the way people work across borders. This contribution investigates the roles and functions of flexpatriates, who include business travelers and short-term assignees, compared with long-term expatriates. Face-to-face interviews with 77 expatriate managers in charge of the subsidiaries of 47 French multinational companies (MNCs), located in 10 countries across Asia, reveal that French expatriation to Asia is contained but not declining. In specific cases French MNCs continue to expatriate considerably. Although the use of flexpatriation is increasing, this trend is not systematic in all MNCs. Finally, expatriates have more strategic, long-term roles, whereas flexpatriates complement expatriates by taking over more operational and functional roles. We conclude our talk with managerial recommendations as well as implications for further research.

Bruno AMANN (University Paul Sabatier of Toulouse)
Jacques JAUSSAUD (University of Pau)
Johannes SCHAAPER (Kedge Business School, Bordeaux)

Bruno AMANN is Professor in Management Sciences at Université Paul Sabatier in Toulouse, where he heads the Governance and Organizational Control research team. His research interests are in the field of family business, corporate governance, and international management.

Jacques JAUSSAUD is Professor of Management at the University of Pau, where he leads the CREG research team in Management. His research interests cover business strategy, organizational control, and human resources management, with a particular focus on Japan, China, and other Asian countries.

Johannes SCHAAPER is Professor at Kedge Business School, Bordeaux, and is a member of the CREG research team (Univ. of Pau). His research interests are in the field of international management, from both strategic and organizational perspectives, as well as the marketing perspective, with a special focus on Asian markets.

Org: Bureau français de la MFJ
Co-org: CCIFJ


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