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雑誌『EBISU』 / 刊行物


Les cahiers d'ebisu, no 3

刊行年 :
March 2013
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出版社 : UMIFRE 19 CNRS - MAEE Maison franco-japonaise
ISSN: 2185-8144

Parts version for screen reading
  • Rethinking the Globalization of Law
    • Isabelle GIRAUDOU, "Through the Lenses of ‘Normatives Spaces’: A brief memoir on two international workshops dealing with legal globalization", p. 43-49
    • Gilles LHUILLIER, "Academic Knowledge: Three views on global law and global legal theory", p. 51-59
    • HASEGAWA Kō "Anchoring Normative Spaces in Global Legal Order: A brief comment on Gilles Lhuilier’s working paper", p. 61-66
    • Gilles LHUILLIER, "The Concept of ‘Normative Space’: A very short introduction", p. 67-70
    • Andrew J. SUTTER, "Of Bentō and Bagels: Globalization and new normative spaces", p. 71-79
  • Back Cover

Full version for A4 printing (double pages, landscape orientation) 

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