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Work and Happiness in Japan: Macro- and Micro-Views

使用言語:英語 (通訳なし)
日時: 2022年11月11日(金) 12:30–14:00
場所: room 601 & Online
講演者: ONO Hiroshi (Hitotsubashi Univ. Business School)
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Although the study of happiness has gained considerable scholarly attention across disciplines, happiness science continues to be dominated by the work of psychologists and economists. We argue that a sociological perspective can deepen our understanding of the interplay between macro- and micro-influences on happiness, and that Japan provides an ideal case in which to study how the social-institutional context shapes the individual pursuit of happiness.
We pay particular attention to happiness through the lens of gender, work, and family. More specifically, we consider how economic and social inequality and public policy provide the context shaping the individual-level associations among work, gender, family life, leisure activities and well-being. We ask questions about how recent changes to Japan’s social insurance and other family policies have the potential to influence both work hours and time spent with family and how this may impact well-being. We consider how economic inequality affects the well-being of high-income workers and low-income workers differently. We review research on the impact of national work hours on the well-being of men versus women, and across different birth cohorts.
Looking to the future, we consider the possibility that an attention to happiness may lead to greater productivity at work and ultimately greater happiness. We conclude with a discussion of the data and methodological innovations needed to move this field of study forward.

3b578decd25f2c53d5d0cf8d63d9e741957beea6-thumb-800xauto-1047.jpg Speaker: Hiroshi Ono received his BE in mechanical engineering from Waseda University and his MA and Ph.D. in sociology from the University of Chicago. He was later awarded Docent (equivalent to a second doctoral degree) in economics from the Stockholm School of Economics. He writes and speaks extensively on the relationships among motivation, happiness, and productivity in the workplace. He has a special interest in the interplay between demographic change and labor market dynamics in Japan. His latest research focuses on enhancing the quality of work, integrating digital technology in the workplace, and increasing labor productivity.
Professer Ono is a frequent contributor and commentator for Japanese and global news media, both print and broadcast. He is the author of Redistributing Happiness: How Social Policies Shape Life Satisfaction (with Kristen Schultz Lee, Praeger Publishing, 2016). His work has been published in the American Sociological Review, Asian Business & Management, Oxford Economic Papers, Social Forces, and Social Science Quarterly, among others.

Moderator: Sébastien LECHEVALIER (FRIJ-MFJ)
Organization: FRIJ-MFJ
Co-organization: CCI France Japon
Support: French Embassy in Japan

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