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日仏会館フランス事務所 / イベント・カレンダー

Lunch Seminar on Japanese Economy and Society

Economic Philosophy in France and in Japan: A Twofold Tradition

使用言語:英語 (通訳なし)
日時: 2022年06月03日(金) 12:30–14:00
場所: Online

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The literature utilizes various formulas to designate the field where philosophy and economics interact. Among these, it is relevant to discuss some and say 'economic philosophy' is to be preferred. It is key that economic philosophers may be able to follow the process of economic science and business in the making, in Japan as in the rest of the world. The field can actually boast a long tradition in France (from the 18thcentury) and in Japan (since the 1920s) with big names like Sugimura Kozo or Soda Kiichiro at its start and Shionoya Yuichi more recently (deceased 2015). From strictly 'mainstream economics' to heterodox approaches to all fields of economics and adjacent social sciences as well, economic philosophy would pervade it all and this presentation will display its key features and make the field easy to understand despite a label that could otherwise sound intimidating and should rather be a source of comparative cultural differences.


Profil :
A Full research Professor at the French National Center for Scientific Research (CNRS) at the FRIJ/MFJ, Gilles Campagnolo was educated at Paris Ecole Normale., the University of Harvard (as an Augustus Clifford Tower Fellow) and the University of Tokyo (1997-1999). He taught philosophy and economics at Paris Sorbonne University and Hokkaido University (as a Tokunin Kyojyu). He is nvited at research institutions in Japan (including Kyoto Nichibunken, Saitama U., Rikkyo U etc. He is a member of the Regional and Economics Business Network at Hokkaido University), in China (as he coordinated the European Union Project "Liberalism In Between Europe And China P-IRSES GA2012 317767) and S. Korea.
Gilles Campagnolo explores economic philosophy and has hosted the "Third International Conference of Economic Philosophy" (Aix-en-Provence, 2016) and coordinated the special issue "Economic Philosophy in Japan" of the Review of Economic Philosophy (20/1, available on the CAIRN portal). Besides focusing on sources of liberal thought and capitalist development in a comparatist perspective between Europe and East Asia, he is a known specialist of the schools of liberalism and published works by Shionoya Yuichi in French.

Moderator: Adrienne SALA (FRIJ-MFJ)

Organization: FRIJ-MFJ
Co-organization: CCI France Japon
Support: French Embassy in Japan

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日仏会館フランス事務所 / イベント・カレンダー > Economic Philosophy in France and in Japan: A Twofold Tradition


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