International Conference

Asian/European Real Estate Crises
and their Management

Organized by the Maison Franco-Japonaise
with the support of the French Embassy
and the Delegation of European Commission in Japan
(simultaneous interpretation in English and Japanese)
September 10 and 11, 2001
Auditorium of the Maison Franco-Japonaise,
3-9-25 Ebisu, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
(12 minutes from Ebisu Station of JR and Subway Hibiya Line).

  • Participation free of charge.
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Program in Japanese

Asian/European Real Estate Crises and their Management

During the past two decades, most of the world cities have experienced a "land boom" phenomenon, generally followed by a severe reversal of property markets. These property cycles and "bubbles" have had devastating effects in Asia, especially in Japan, where the recovery of bad debts has become a top priority in the economic and political agenda.

What is the real extend of the Asian property crisis compared to the European experience? Are there meeting points between Asia and Europe regarding the roots of cycles and their management by the public authorities? How can be assessed the policies implemented to cope with the real estate crisis?

Twelve academic scholars and real estate professionals from Asia and Europe (Japan, South Korea, China, France) will meet to discuss these issues. The focus will be on the experience of five main cities in Asia: Tokyo, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Taipei and Seoul.


Monday, September 10
9:30Opening speech by Natacha AVELINE (CNRS researcher in Land Economics, presently posted at the Maison Franco-Japonaise)
First session: Comparison Europe-Japan
10:00"Property cycles and land policies in the European countries" by Vincent RENARD (CNRS Director of Research in Land Economics, Ecole Polytechnique, Paris)
11:15"The land bubble and its management in Japan" by HASEGAWA Tokunosuke (Professor in Economics, Faculty of Real Estate, Meikai University)
Second session: Confronting the various assessed land values in Tokyo
14:00"Real price change compared to official assessed data during the so-called bubble economy period in Tokyo" by HIDANO Noboru (Professor in Economics at the Tokyo Institute of Technology)
14:45"Present situation of the real estate transactions in Tokyo" by SHIOMI Noriaki (Researcher at the Research Center of Real Estate Systems)
Third session: Impact of the "land bubble" on urban planning in the Tokyo Metropolitan Area
15:45"Impact of the collapse of the land bubble in the remote residential areas of Tokyo" by OBASE Reiji (Professor at the Institute of Policy and Planning Sciences, Tsukuba University)
16:20"Regarding the situation of urban planning in Tokyo: its review of last two decades and prospect for the first decade of 21st century" by OMURA Kenjiro (Professor at the Institute of Policy and Planning Sciences, Tsukuba University)
Tuesday, September 11
Fourth session: Hong Kong and Mainland China
9:00"Real estate cycle and the government behavior in Hong Kong" by LI Ling Hin (Associate Professor in Economics, Real Estate and Construction Department, Hong Kong University)
10:00"Real estate speculation in Shanghai" by NING Yuemin (Professor in Geography, East China Normal University, Shanghai)
11:15"A Japanese company investing in Shanghai, the case of Mori Biru" by KANATSU Masaki (Manager of the Planning Division of Forest Overseas, a subsidiary of Mori Biru Corporation)
Fifth session: Seoul and Taipei
13:45"The land boom in Seoul" by PARK Shin-young (Researcher at the Housing Research Institute, Seoul)
15:00"Why did Taipei not experience a land bubble phenomenon?" by CHEN Li-chun (Yamaguchi University, Faculty of Economics)
16:00Overall conclusion by Natacha AVELINE
16:45Concluding Speech by Vincent RENARD

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