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Associate Professor at Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales – EHESS (Paris)
Researcher at Nichi Futsu kaikan (Tokyo)
Visiting researcher at the Institute of Economic Research, Hitotsubashi University

  • Contact Address (until September 2008): Maison franco-japonaise, 3-9-25, Ebisu, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0013 Japon
    E-mail : lechevalier@mfj.gr.jp
  • Permanent Contact : EHESS - Centre Japon, 105 bd Raspail, 75006 Paris
    E-mail : sebastien.lechevalier@ehess.fr

Education, Grants & Academic Honors

  • Ph. D. of Economics: “The ‘Resegmentation’ of the Japanese Labor Market since the beginning of the 1990s : Employment Security Inequalities, Heterogeneity of Firms and Financial Factors”(EHESS, 2003) —> PDF version
  • Canon Foundation Fellowship, 2003-2004
  • EHESS award - Special Mention to the PhD dissertation, 2004
  • Grant Lavoisier (French Ministry of Foreign Affairs), 2002
  • Ph. D. Grant awarded by French Ministry of Education, 1997


  • « The Japanese economy. Emergence, crisis and metamorphoses of a ‘model’ », EHESS (this teaching is adjourned during the year 2005-2006)
  • « Productivity differentials across firms and slowdown of the macro productivity growth in Japan during the Lost Decade », ENSAE, 3rd year workgroup, 2004-2005
  • « The Contemporary Japanese crisis », Sciences Po, Enseignement d’ouverture (2ème année), 2003-2005
  • « The Japanese market », INALCO, Master, 2004-2005
  • « From the Japanese model to the contemporary crisis », INALCO, 3rd year of university curriculum, 2002-2005

Current Research Interests

  • Increasing heterogeneity of firms and coordination: An analysis of the Japanese crisis
  • The Productivity Heterogeneity of the Japanese firms during the Lost Decade. Did it increase? How? (avec K. Ito)
  • Wage and Productivity Differentials in Japan. The role of Labor Market Mechanisms (avec D. Gatti & R. Kambayashi).


Working Papers

  • "The Evolution of the Productivity Dispersion of Firms - A reevaluation of its determinants in the case of Japan", (with K. Ito), RIETI Discussion paper Series 08-E-014, May 2008.
    —> Version PDF
  • “The effect of participation in government consortia on the R&D productivity of firms: A case study of robot technology in Japan”, (with Y. Ikeda & J. Nishimura), IER Discussion paper Series A No-500, Hitotsubashi University, March 2008.
    —> Version PDF
  • “Investigating Collaborative R&D Using Patent Data: The Case Study of Robot Technology in Japan”, (en collab. avec Y. Ikeda & J. Nishimura), IER Discussion paper Series A No-498, Hitotsubashi University, September 2007
    —> PDF version
  • “Price Dynamics in Japan (1981-2001): A Structural Analysis of Mechanisms in the Gooods and Labor Markets”, (in collab. with N. Canry & J. Fouquau), IER Discussion paper Series A No-493, Hitotsubashi University, March 2007.
    —> PDF version
  • “Collaborative R & D in the robot technology in Japan: an inquiry based on patent data analysis (1991-2004)”, (en collab. avec Y. Ikeda & J. Nishimura), CIRJE Discussion paper Series F-453, December 2006.
    —> PDF version
  • “The Heterogeneity of Employment Adjustment Across Japanese firms. A Study Using Panel Data”, (with C. Hurlin), Couverture Orange N°2003-10, CEPREMAP.
    —> PDF version
  • “The Contemporary increasing inequalities in Japan : An analysis in Term of Segmentation of the Labor Market and a Historical Perspective”, Couverture Orange N°2002-02, CEPREMAP. In French.
    —> PDF version

Articles in Review with referees

  • “The diversity of Capitalism and Heterogeneity of Firms – A Case Study of Japan during the Lost Decade”, Evolutionary and Institutional Economic Review 4 (1), Special Issue “The Evolution of Institutions and Organizations”, October 2007
    —> PDF version
  • “The Inequalities between Men and Women in the Japanese Labour Market. A Regulationist Approach” (with M. Arai), Economic Science (Keizai Kagaku), Vol.52 No.4, March 2005
  • “The Male / Female Inequality at the Roots of the Current Resegmentation of the Japanese Labor Market? Taking into Account Gender in the Analysis of the Toyotist Wage Labor Nexus” (with M. Arai), Le Mouvement social, 2005. In French.
  • “The Current Resegmentation of the Japanese Labor Market in Historical Perspective”, CIPANGO (Academic review of INALCO), n°10 (Spring 2003). In French.

Books and articles in Books

  • “Will Toyota Save Japan (and the World…)?”, HEC Eurasia Institute, March 2005. In French. Extracts in Problèmes économiques (2006/1/18).
  • “Japan and the Globalization. The Role of the Representations” (with K. Onaka) in E. Dourille-Feer & J. Nishikawa (dir.), “Finance and Money at the Age of Globalization. A Comparative View on Europe and Asia”, La Documentation française, 2004. In French.
  • “The Globalization and the Crisis of the Japanese Model” (with K. Onaka), Forthcoming in Japon Pluriel, Editions Philippe Picquier, December 2003. In French.

Articles in reviews without referees

  • “Japan. Does the Crisis contribute to reduce the inequalities between Men and Women?”, Chroniques internationales de l’IRES, (with M. Arai), March 2004. In French.
    —> PDF version
  • “Japan. 20 years of Men/Women equal employment policies”, Chroniques internationales de l’IRES, (with M. Arai), January 2004, reproduced in Problèmes économiques n °2854 (2004/6/23). In French.
    —> PDF version
  • “The Current Restructuring in the Japanese Electrical Machinery Sector: Do We Observe a Convergence Towards the American Way of Downsizing?”, Chroniques internationales de l’IRES, January 2002. In French.
    —> PDF version
  • “Employment Security at the Center of the Japanese Compromise of crisis”, Chroniques internationales de l’IRES, January 2001. In French.
    —> PDF version


  • “Recent Changes in the Japanese Public Research and Innovation Policies - Lessons for Europe”, Research Project undertaken for European Union - Delegation of the European Commission to Japan, Tokyo, June 2006.
  • “French Publishing in Japan in 2000. Rights Sales: Market Study and Point of View of Japanese Publishers”, French Embassy in Japan (June 2000; in French), with a synthesis published in the review Furansu (Hakusui sha, in Japanese).
  • “Euro Zone : Wage Flexibility, Exchange Rate and Economic Policy”, Report for the French Senate, reprinted in Problèmes économiques (18 August 1999), (with L. Cadiou, S. Guichard, M. Maurel).

Opinion Tribunes in Newspapers

  • "Suicide at work: is the toyotism responsible?", Le Monde de l'Économie, (22/4/2008). In French
    —> Version PDF
  • “Freeters, NEETS: this is not only a problem in Japan. A comparison with Russia, India and France”, Interview published in the Series “How the World sees Japan” in Courrier Japon September 2007 (vol. 035) pp 69-73 (in Japanese)
    —> PDF version
  • "How to reform the research policy? Lessons from Japan”, Le Monde de l’Économie, 13 February 2007.
    —> PDF version (in French)
  • “Japan, Winner or Looser of the Globalization?” (with K. Onaka), Le Monde de l’Économie (5 May 2003), also published (in Japanese) in Kei (7/2003) “Nihon wa gulôbaluka no giseisha ka”.
  • “Is the Japanese Labor Market Following the same Path than the European one ?”, Le Monde de l’Économie, 27 March 2001.
  • “Which Crisis is the Japanese Economy Undergoing?”, Le Monde, 1st July 1998.


  • "The truth on the 'economic miracle'", interview published in L'Histoire, Special Issue "Le Japon des samouraïs aux mangas", no. 333, pp. 90-95, July-August 2008. In French.
  • “An introduction to Time series analysis”, DEES (October 1998.), reprinted in Problèmes économiques (13 January 1999). In French.
  • “The Current Evolutions of the Japanese Economy”, Ecoflash, January 1998. In French.

Book Reviews

  • Robert Boyer & Toshio Yamada (eds.), Japanese Capitalism in Crisis: A Regulationist Interpretation (Oxford university Press, 2000) in Le Mouvement Social, vol. 210 (January – March 2005). In French
    —> Version PDF
  • Thomas F. Cargill, Michael M. Hutchison, and Takatoshi Ito (eds.), Financial Policy and Central banking in Japan (Cambridge: MIT Press, 2000, 273 pp) in Journal of East Asian Studies 6 (2006), pages 166-168
  • Kozo Yamamura and Wolfgang Streeck (eds.), The End of Diversity? Prospects for German and Japanese Capitalism (Ithaca, NY: Cornell University Press, 2003. 424pp) in Financial History Review, 2006, vol. 13, issue 01, pages 141-143
  • Sheridan, K.: Planning Japan's Economic Future (Palgrave. Macmillian, Basingstoke and New York 2005, 263 pp.) in Journal of Economics, 2006, vol. 89, issue 3, pages 291-294


  • Article of Masahiko Aoki, “Why will the Institutional Diversity Continue to Evolve”, in R. Boyer & P. Souyri (dir.), Globalization & Régulation, France and Japan, facing the American singularity, La Découverte, 2001.



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