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Lunch Seminar on Japanese Economy and Society

Japan's energy policy:
Godzilla versus Ultraman

[ Séminaire ]

en anglais sans traduction
Date jeudi 23 janvier 2014 / 12 h 30 - 14 h
Lieu Room 601
Conférencier Judith STALPERS (journalist)
Résumé :
The rolling black outs and frightening fall outs that came in the wake of 3/11 have turned energy policy into a hotly debated topic. This public discourse has prompted the Abe government to delay a new energy policy for at least another two years. It is waiting until the dust anti-nuclear activists stirred up has settled down, in order to continue the course first set when the Atoms-for-Peace doctrine was adopted in the late 1950s. Recently some prominent voices have blown up the dust again (Koizumi, “Genpatsu Whiteout”). In the meantime, established and new players are vying for non-nuclear opportunities in Japan's energy market. This lecture will take a look at who these players are, how they (might) shape Japan's energy market, and how the Abe cabinet deliberately undermines chances for radical alternatives. We will consider the odds of this fight between Godzilla, the nuclear monster, and Ultraman, the solar powered monster terminator, visiting the fields of geopolitics, demography, industrial policy, high-tech and accounting along the way.

Profil :
Judith STALPERS has been a science and technology correspondent for de ingenieur, a Dutch technology magazine since 1993. Soon she also became the Japan correspondent for the Netherlands Press Agency. In 1999 she moved to Germany only to take up her duties again in Japan in 2004, focusing on technology and economy. She co-authored with Florian Coulmas Fukushima: Vom Erdbeben zur atomaren Katastrophe (Fukushima: from earthquake to nuclear disaster, Beck Verlag, Munich), which appeared in september 2011.

Moderator : Jean-Michel BUTEL (MFJ-UMIFRE 19)

Organization : Bureau français de la MFJ
Co-organization : CCIFJ

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