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Tokyo Studies Exhibition

From Monday March 6th to Saturday March 18th

Tokyo Studies

Exhibition at the Gallery of the Maison franco-japonaise

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The "Tokyo Studies" exhibition is the result of research work in architecture on the urban structure, morphological typology, and urban grammar of Tokyo. It synthesizes four years of graphic production and analyzes carried out by first-year students of the Master in Urban Design of the I-AUD international program at Meiji University.

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The exhibition is made up of 4 sections.

A first section is dedicated to an object that is often neglected in studies on Tokyo: the peri-urban belt that surrounds the hyper-center of the city and hosts most of the ordinary and functional urban planning of the mega-region. This section is divided into several panels, which illustrate the structure and configuration of Tokyo's periphery.

A second section is centered on the historical evolution of the central districts of Tokyo and focuses on the notion of kaiwai (neighborhood with historical identity). Four of them with strong urban and heritage personality are presented: Yanaka, Kagurazaka, Koenji and Shimokitazawa.

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A third section offers a special focus on the district of Shibuya, by shifting the gaze from the verticalized and renovated hyper-center to its immediate periphery. Four sub-sectors of Shibuya are therefore the subject of particular attention: Onden, Sakuragaoka, Shinsen and Okushiku. In addition to the morphology of these sub-sectors, the exhibition, very graphic, allows to take the measure of their volumetry, their design, their structuring, and their socio-economic dynamics.

Finally, a last section is devoted to ekistics, defined as the science of settlement. It analyzes the urban grammar of six very diverse neighborhoods in central Tokyo: Yanesen, Asakusa, Sangenjaya, Shibuya, Nerima and Ikebukuro.

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From Monday March 6th to Saturday March 18th

Opening hours: 11:00 - 18:00
Free entrance

Location: 3-9-25, Ebisu, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, 150-0013 - 1rst floor

Organization: IFRJ-MFJ
Co-organization: Meiji University, I-AUD Program
Teachers responsible for productions: Masami Kobayashi, Hiro Sasaki, Junko Tamura and Manuel Tardits

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