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研究誌『Perspectives Chinoises / China Perspectives』2017年第1号刊行

Urban Planning in China: Concepts, Actors, and Projects 

Our latest issue deals with recent developments in China's urbanism, in terms of urbanisation, growth oriented urbanisation, sustainable urban development and urban planning.

A special feature edited by Nicolas Douay (Université Paris-Diderot, CEFC)

“The aim of this issue is to observe the role played by spatial planning and urban planning in contemporary Chinese changes, and to identify theoretical and practical transformations by focusing on the concepts, actors, and projects of urban planning. First, it is a matter of questioning the evolution of the styles of planning and of the concepts that underpin action. (...) In the Chinese context, this raises the question of going beyond the traditional planning model and of the advent of new styles of planning that could become more strategic in order to follow neoliberal prescriptions, more collaborative in order to better build consensus among actors, more sustainable in order to respond to environmental emergencies (...). Secondly, it is a matter of observing the concrete modalities of these voluntary transformations of space. (...) The interest of this dossier is to try to cross-reference these dimensions in order to provide a more detailed understanding of this central element in contemporary Chinese transformations.” (Editorial, Nicolas Douay).

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